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  • Day One ~ September 22, 2013Prepping Site For 3-Story Mining Heritage Center Addition
  • Maisel Excavation Getting Started ~ October
  • October 7, 2013
  • 2rd Pour (One More To go!)October 19, 2103
  • Yep, that's looking good!
  • Foundation Completed ~ Job Well Done!
  • 4th & Final Concrete Pour ~ Radiant In Floor Heating In BasementNovember 19, 2013
  • Standing Walls With Help From Bill Alsup's Crane
  • Setting Ridge Beam
  • We Beat The Bad Weather! The Addition is Weather Tight.

San Juan County Historical Society News Headquarters!

Victorian Aid Society Performers

We are proud to announce that the San Juan County Historical Society has been awarded $48,750 by the State Historical Fund to work on foundation repairs to the Old 100 Boardinghouse. This is matched by $13,000 raised from folks all over the country who are as in awe of the building as we are here in San Juan County.

The Colorado Department of Reclamation, Mining and Safety is also donating the helicopter time to lift supplies and tools to the site. The construction firm of Klinke and Lew will do the work. Klinke and Lew were the contractors that performed the stabilization work on the Boarding House in 1998.

Old Hundred Boarding House Alert! We are proud to have saved the Old Hundred Boarding House (1998), the incredible structure that sits perched on a mountainous cliff high above Cunningham Gulch. What an adventure that was, using helicopters to tram in supplies and building materials for two summers. And while we were at it, we saved the tram house, too. But that was in 1998, and after a trip to the Old Hundred Boarding House last summer by several Society members, including Scott Fetchenhier) author of Ghosts & Gold, a book about the Old Hundred Mine), it was determined that some hefty and loving maintenance needs to be done on this famous & fabulous old building.
Winter Snow creates ice build-ups behind the building, pulling it away from the cliff's face. There are also some healthy and ravenous marmots who live at the Boarding House that seem to subsist on the boarding house floors.
We are soliciting match money for a grant application to the state Historical Fund. We need to raise 25% and we have already had one donation of $500 towards the project. If you are as amazed and impressed with the Old Hundred Boarding House as we are, please consider a donation to keep this amazing building from falling apart and tumbling down the mountain.

Please help us MAINTAIN the Old Hundred Boarding House with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to the SJCHS.


Read More about the Old Hundred Mine and Boarding House.

3-Story Museum Addition: Construction began on the new 3-story Museum addition in September, 2013. By May, 2014, the addition interior was completed and in August the exterior was completed. There are only a few remaining items to be completed on the new addition. The Society would like to thank all that helped make this addition possible. We would like to thank all our contractors. They were wonderful to work with and they showed up to work on some of our most snowy, cold, and miserable winter days. Thanks guys!

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